Rain barrels are one simple step that can set small business owners, schools, homeowners, and corporations down the path of freshwater conservation.

julia fiala, Author for the World Wildlife Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission at WCRB is to install a network of barrels that collects over 1,000,000 gallons of water annually that normally would carry pollutants into the ocean, cause erosion/flooding, and make the imbalanced water cycle worse. 50% of all profits are allocated for partnering with community gardens and at-risk communities to get them free rain barrels.

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Community Projects

Follow the links below to learn about our community projects. Rain barrels can be implemented to combat chronic flooding, erosion, and lack of access to healthy water. In addition, a community garden with rain barrels has reduced costs and healthier plants. One day we hope to have projects in every major west coast city.

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