According to the EPA, rain barrels have the ability to save the average homeowner 1,300 gallons of water yearly

World Wildlife Foundation
  • $165 or $265 for 2 (discount for systems)3’3” T x 2’5” W and 17 lbs.
  • Your Earthminded 65 gallon rain barrel includes a cinder block base, soil, plants, watering can, barrel, installation, and delivery.
  • Reversible lid for mini-garden, bird bath, or fountain
  • Designed to be when chained together
How much rain does it take to fill a rain barrel?

An Earthminded 65 gallon rain barrel will fill from 1 inch of rain.

Will insects and pests get in?

Durable PP and PE construction along with a sealed design protect against pests, mosquitos, and algae.

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