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Earthminded rain barrel
Rain Barrel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rain barrel?

Rain Barrels are a way to store the water that runs off your roof during every rainfall. They should be made out of a food grade material, have a sturdy elevated base, and have a working diverter/overflow system.

What can rainwater be used for?

Gardening, car washing, jacuzzi/pool filling, window washing, or even flushing a toilet.

What are the environmental benefits of using a rain barrel?

On average, one barrel reduces the runoff going into storm drains by over 1,300 gallons yearly. This runoff carries pollutants to the ocean, causes erosion/flooding, and furthers the imbalance in the freshwater cycle.

How much can a rain barrel save me?

Off a 1,000 square foot surface you can expect to collect on average 600 gallons of water from 1 inch of rain.

Do you need a base to support your rain barrel?

It is highly recommended for safety that you have a sturdy base for your rain barrel, which can easily way over 500 pounds when full. A cinder block base is ideal for supporting a rain barrel.

Compare Our Options

Earthminded Rain Barrel

Earthminded 65 Gallon Rain Barrel – This is an average sized barrel with enough capacity for a month of watering your garden and is designed to be chained together. The barrel has a reversible lid for a garden and a simplistic design to fit visually at any house. All of our installations come with a cinder block base for safety, a watering can, the diverter parts, soil, plants, the barrel, and delivery.

Bushman Rain Barrel

Bushman 530 Gallon Rain Tank- This is a large tank with enough capacity for months of watering your garden and is designed to fit against your house. The tank is fire proof and made of long lasting food grade plastic to ensure your water will be there when you need it. All of our installations come with a cinder block base for safety and performance, a watering can, the parts for the diverter system, the tank, and delivery.

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